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Rules of entry to the Slovak Republic

from 9.7.2021

With regard to the new regulations concerning entry into the Slovak Republic valid from 9.7.2021 (Friday) from 06.00 (DECREE 226 in the Bulletin of the Government of the SLOVAK REPUBLIC of 2 July 2021) We have prepared for you a summary of information, measures and sequence of steps that are necessary for a smooth entry into Slovakia in order to participate in a sporting event.

When crossing the border, it is necessary to observe 3 basic points, the procedure is as follows:

  1. ONLINE REGISTRATION of anyone who wants to enter the territory of the Slovak Republic on the adress:
    a) with confirmation of application of the 1st dose of vaccine (without time limit for receiving the dose) – exception valid until 9 August 2021
    b) with confirmation of administration of the 2nd dose of vaccine (after 9.8.2021) – on the 15th day after administration (in the case of Johnson & Johnson vaccine it is on the 22nd day after administration of one dose)
    c) with a negative RT-PCR test result not older than 72 hours (for everyone older than 12 years)
  3. When crossing the border, it is necessary to have an INVITATION FROM THE EVENT ORGANIZER.

Unfortunately, in order to not underestimate the very favorable epidemiological situation in Slovakia during the holiday period, the Government of the Slovak Republic changed the rules of entry into the country, therefore antigen tests or confirmation of overcoming COVID-19 is no longer accepted as a condition for entry. Exceptions for sporting events are valid only if 3 points above are met.

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